Our Team

Why VFM is like a rugby team?

Rugby is a team game where the players must be different from each other but still share many personal attributes.


The differences are essential – if all the players were “big and beefy” the team would have a strong pack but would be outclassed in the backs. The team needs a fast little fly-half as much as a hard, resilient prop forward.


The shared attributes are many, including fitness, a common goal and technical ability. But most are attitudinal: belief in the team, trust in each other, determination to win, self-motivation and confidence.


At VFM we reject the superficial approach: our results focus means that we will “pick up the ball and run with it”, delivering time and time again.


A rugby shirt was chosen as our corporate clothing because it reflects “strength through diversity” where individualism, quality, action and success are equally meaningful to every member of the VFM team.

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