About Us

VFM Associates was established in 1986 as a specialist national sales training company and has since developed into a global organisation offering a wide range of training, consultancy and conferencing solutions.

The VFM advantage is proven because:-

- we genuinely get involved with our clients to deliver tangible results

- The VFM team have credibility because of their track record

- we have a unique and motivational delivery style

At VFM we believe in longstanding relationships. The fact that we are still trusted partners of our clients from the 1980’s is a valuable source of comfort to those who are considering embarking on their journey with us.

International Expertise

“Think globally and act locally”. We understand this is how it has to be with your training partner.

VFM has training and consultancy experience in over 50 countries. Our understanding of the cultural perspectives associated with the process of developing people helps us to deliver consistent results.

VFM has the ability to handle Global Training & Consultancy Solutions and deliver them in the required languages.

In-House Creative Media and Design

VFM is different in that we have our own, in-house creative media and design team who support the delivery of training and development in a number of ways.